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Default For Ian - high wind board choice

Hi Ian

My current quiver: Kombat86 for use with 4-6m sails, and a 70cm wide slalom for 7-9m sails (thinking about replacing it with iS111 next spring). The thing is, this season I've had several days when I was getting seriously hammered on a K86+4.0. While there is definitely a space for improved gear tuning (masttrack/sail/fin etc), I think a smaller board is needed. It should be used in 30-40 knots, with the occasional mental day - a month ago, gusts of 50+ were recorded, I was on the water but wish I wasn't . It should handle 4.x sails mostly, but maybe even down to 3.3 - 3.5 (see above). Btw I'm 85 kilos. I was thinking of these options:

1. Acid 74 added to my quiver. This year model has more vee, that should translate to more control through the ugly, lumpy water states. I don't ride waves, but swell and chop come in all shapes and sizes I haven't considered smaller boards like acid 68, because even on full nuke days there can be a lot of lulls, fresh water, etc.

2. This option is to dump K86 altogether and go for the smaller Kombat. I have the impression that Kombats handle larger sails (of their quoted range) better than smaller, so maybe I could just get away with K79+6.0 sail. How much advantage do you think it would give in higher winds over K86? And there is also a question of useful (if any) overlap with the slalom (say, iS111), with no "gap" in conditions covered.

I should add that I really like K86 so far, and it's so sweet with 5.x sails (and I don't hesitate to take it into stupid conditions). So as much as I would like to keep a board quiver to a minimum, I suppose option 1 is the way to go.

Different thoughts/suggestions are welcome of course.


Edit: I've just noticed a mistake on Pure Acid page: PA 74 has greater tail width than PA 80 (33.7 vs. 33.5 cm)
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