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Talking Flare 88 or Kode 86

I currently have a Flare 111, a Kombat 89 and a Beast 76 wave board. I rarely use the beast. I love the Flare 111, and the Kombat is good but maybe a bit harder to get on the plane.

I definitely prefer doing moves as opposed to blast. Being an old F**rt I am generally ok at the old school stuff Duck gybes downwind 360s upwind 360s and I am thinking of/working on vulcans and forwards.

I weigh about 11 stone 9 pounds

My sails are 6.4 and 5.6 Wedge, 5.0 Storm and 4.5 and 4.0 Rock

I am thinking of changing the Kombat for a Flare 88.

What differences might I expect. (Advantages and disadvantages)

Thanks for any input.
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I personally think the Kombat is nicer for carving moves like 360s, but no doubt the Flare also does that well. If you like the Feel of the big Flare, I think you can safely go for the Flare 88 as a Kombat 89 replacement. If will be a tad earlier to plane and offer a feel more similar to your big board. Overall I think the small Flare is a nice, fast and easy board, that is in fact very nice also for blasting, not only for tricks. (I base this conclusion on last years version if the small Flare, but I believe it still holds for the 2009 version.)
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