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Default Changing to a Kode 80?


I have searched through the various threads and have gotten a reasonable interpretation of what I probably need to do but I am looking for any additional comments.

First stats: 70kg/180cm/Advanced sailor/40% sailing larger inland lakes, 30% Colombia River, 20% Oregeon Coast, 10% travel destinations (Venezula/Brazil). Mostly bump and jump, learning the waves when not getting swept off to my doom after yet another thumping. Completely comfortable in all conditions on the Columbia River....it is generally just a controlled playground.

I am planning on changing one of my rigs from my current Realwind 90L 253 Fish to a smaller quicker turning board for riding from 5.2/5.7 down to 4.7/4.2.The Kode 80 comes to mind. I kite or bike in winds less than 5.7.

My second board is a Realwind Powersurf 250 75L which I ride down to overpowered 3.2.

Both current boards are older school boards...narrower overall, longer nose and narrowish tails. They sit well in chop, are easy riding and durable. For my weight I now find them slow on the turn in waves and heavy when jumping. They were what I needed a few years back.

My question is will I find the Kode 80 too close to the Powersurf 250 requiring me to also changeout the Powersurf? They are very different boards and I am thinking that the Powersurf rides like a smaller modern board than its volume since it sits well into the water. Also it seems that for my weight and sailing the Kode 80 and Kode 68 (or equivalent) may acutally be board set that I need?

It may be that I am searching for confirmation bias from others but any comments would be appreciated.

Also can someone comment on the difference in durability between the wood and wood carbon? I am not delicate when handling my gear. I have it for a reason and that is too use it (a hold over mentality from years of skiing) and I am trying to determine if the wood carbon is worth the extra funds or if it is in fact less durable.

Thanks in advance,
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