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Erik Loots
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Default My board: Isonic 105 dram

I was planning to surf this board for 1 season. But it will be also my lightweather board in 2007!

I just like it very much. In 2007 I will test it with other fins, that work even better for me.

Isonic 101 should be a bit faster... but that bit is to small for me. And I do not like wood boards. On the water they are ok. But transport/storage damages my boards...(My little bro plays soccer in the garage:@) Dont pay more for a board that is 1 month out in the season for repairs. And I want a board that can survive my surfstyle. My surfbuddies call me: the WILd
(after my to highspeed bodydrag/ crazy speedjumps/ etcetcetc)

My current Isonic 105 setup:

-Footstraps in inner postion (back strap forward/ front strap backward)
-Mastfootpostion with WIdesleefsails (a lot downforce)
2-3cm from the beginning of the masttrack
-Boom level depends on wind (chin or some lower)
-harness lines are 30 inch


Drake slalom pro 28 = bit small (67.1kmh)
Drake slalom pro 30 = best small fin (highwind) Fastest I tested (65.5kmh)
Drake slalom pro 32 = best fin medium wind (64.7kmh)
Drake slalom pro 34 = medium/low wind (59.0kmh)
Drake slalom pro 38 = lowwind (bit big) (55.3kmh)
Drake SRB6 40 = to big for my 80kg (50.1kmh)

For lowwind drake slalom pro 36 is the best ( I think)
I have bought an 30cm speedvin and going to test... Hoping on 70kmh+++++


NS Daytona 8.3 = bit big for my 80kg
Arrows Maxx speed 7.5 = Best size for constant wind like 16 knots (59.0kmh)
NS Daytona 7.3 = Nice sailssize (59.0kmh)
Arrows Maxx speed 6.9 = Best size from 16-20 knots (65.8kmh)
Arrows Maxx speed 6.3 = Best size from gusty wind >20knots (67.1kmh)
Gaastra Nitro5 6.3 = Fast mastposition 2-5cm forward (61.6kmh)

My conclusion from this year:

Isonic 105 (2006) is for the speed not very best. It is average an verrry good board. Planning tru is wonderfull.. Gybing is pretty good, not superb. For 100ltrs and 80kg it is really fast.

For choppy condition(which I find close to my home) It is very fast... On the flat it is bit difficult to keep up. But I can go faster.

For flat I am seeking a fin that makes the board ride extremely lose which causes little drag. It has to keep 35knots wind. The fins I have tested are just to safe, it costs a lot energy to run fast.

First test fin will be: Select lightning speed 30

why??? I did with Select lightning speed 32 under hypersonic my personal record... Was stupid to sell that fin

If I break the 70kmh with that fin I will let you know. If you know good fins, let me know!!!

There will be 2 new speedboards for 2007. Probaly no starboard. But the Isonic 105 stays for at least 1 season.


Erik Loots
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