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Default Gemini Experience


So: our Gemini arrived last week, and we finally got to try it on Friday. It went great! I sailed with my wife and daughter (at different times), and we had no problem sailing out and back. Way easier than we had hoped. (It was essential that they're both experienced sailors. With beginners I imagine it would be very frustrating trying to keep th two sails up.) I was the only one who fell off the whole time, and I only fell twice in an hour or so of sailing. (Turns out we can't figure out tacking on the board. Gybing went great, though.) We found planing really easy on the board -- though it didn't seem to "take off" like my Start or Go board does. (But we were a bit underpowered, with only about 10 knots, sailing with a 7.4 on back, and a 5.0 Ripper on front. We had to turn downwind a bit to get planing.)

The one *huge* problem we have is that we need a weed fin. We were dragging a pile of weeds literally a meter in diameter by the time we finished! The problem is that our 56cm Curtis Someweed has a big extension on the front that would interfere with the slot for the centerboard (so we used the 70cm pointer that came with the Gemini). Do you have a weed fin that does not have this problem?

Also: how do you decide about fins for the Gemini? If you're planning to schlog do you just use a small fin and the centerboard (which kicks up to drop weeds)?

Also: our weed fin has a different screw thread than the big fin screws that came with the Gemini. I'd like to change my fins to all use the same screws. Is there one of these screw sizes that is more standard with Starboard boards these days? Is it easy to change the fin screw size?

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