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Default Sail size

I have a M Rio and I weigh 79 Kg. On a 1-10 scale I am probably 3. I usually sail with light winds ( 10-12 knts) and I am not a speed buff. Far from it! I have an old Neil Pryde RAF 5.9 sail and a brand new Severne Focus 8.5. When I read suggestions in this Forum to use a 10.5 or even a 12 (!?) for planing, I get confused, because I already find the 8.5 overpowering. Actually, my old 5.9 ( 1999, don't laugh!) is quite O.K ! Definitely, it is bringing me everyday closer and closer to planing and I have already enjoyed a few fleeting moments of fast planing, ! It is only a question of some more practice and honing my technique, but I am getting there!
All this to say, folks, that those of you who suggest a 10.5 or larger , sound somewhat delirious, unless you are thinking about racing and/or extreme speeds, which is not necessarily what the majority of surfers have in mind!
All this hype about larger and larger sails and newer and newer equipment serves only one purpose: to feed the sales of windsurfing equipment. I may be a Flintstone, windsurfing-wise, but honest to God, I see only a marginal difference, if at all, between a 1999 sail and a 2008 sail. Only advertising says the contrary, of course! I am quite willing to be proven wrong, though!
I'd appreciate your comments

Thank you

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