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I'm coming from the same background as you - riding an EVO 80 and now changing to a Quad 76. Nice to read all the new things I'll experience, and the slightly style changes.

I haven't got the board yet, but I already need a set of spare fins. You've got any idea whether your local store already stocks spare fins for Quads? If so, can ypu give me their contact?
I'm going to a longer trip where the wave breaks on an extremely shallow reef - the place is a fin killer (every year I broke a few) so I'm a bit afraid ... although these fins are smaller then the 21.5 I used to have on my EVO ...

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Westcountry watertsports is where I got it from - they may have spare fins but I do not know. Best to have a spare set even though the fins are so much smaller! The thing I have had a grapple with is how easy the Quad is to sail it really does do everything they say it does - it sounds stupid but at first this makes it slightly less exciting as the EVO as it does everything for you - I have got over this after a few good sessions and now I am hoping to push my sailing further and into more difficult manouvers. http://www.wcws.biz/ best to ring them Peter or Rob feel free to mention my name Alex Roads.
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