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Hey Mark
Let me clarify a few things here: I've been a Starboard fan for years and I also prefer their boards to some others I've tried. I do believe the company is run by people really passionate about windsurfing, and I applaud them for having this forum where you can express your opinion.
Now, with explaining out of the way, as a long time *board customer, I think I'm entitled to express my opinion about things I don't like about the company I (generally) like. Is *board incapable of mistakes, do we always have to approve everything they do/say? If that makes me a "short tempered little man" that insults your intelligence, so be it. And what I wrote in the first post still stands (can you dispute those 3 points). To me the iSonic section sounds just as LAME as the latest Vanish commercial, period. It's not about the content, it's the presentation also, how you say something. You might like it though.

Let me remind you, if you look/listen carefully, this thread (which has gone on a few tangents admitedly) also contains some fine comments from Farlo:
>By the way, would we feel concerned if we didn't like the brand / its products to some extend?
>... even true believers in Starboard's supremacy can disagree with the references made in the iSonic section.

Fair winds
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