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I weight 98 kg and jump from F144 to 09 F111. The range of the 144 is huge so 122 is to close IMO.
I sail both onshore an often in very unstable off/side off shore winds, the F111 is a Rocket when powered up, tracks upwind very well but feels very save when the wind is dropping.
Don’t know the ex. Vol. of F111 but it is very stable/balanced and easy when slogging in very little wind.
I dropped my AE 127 after using F144/F111 for some time.
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If you have to deal with variable wind conditions and frequently get caught in winds less than 10 knots, having a board that can be uphauled is REALLY nice. The 122 may be the best bet if this is your situation, but having something like the 101 as your next board for the really windy days will cover just about everything you may encounter.

If you want to cover everything with only two boards, then the 111 would be your best choice.
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Hi LK and Ken,
Good to hear that de F111 is very fast and especially in little wind a save surf even for heavyweights. Seems that I indeed have to reconsider, maybe I will buy the F111. I let you know later what board I bought and my experience with that board.
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Hi Robert. I just bought the F111-09 and have tried it 2 times, with 7.5 and 6.5 sails. I weigh 87kg, and can uphaul it when needed. The best is itīs a lot easier to gybe than the Kode 112 that I tried earlier. But it rides a lot flatter so itīs probably not so suitable in bigger chop/waves.
Now they start to predict snow here on the weatherforecast so unfortunately the next time I try it might be next spring...
All in all Iīm very satisfied with the F111.
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