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peter n-m
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Hi Dan.

I like the Select fins too – and just having received and tried a couple of Venom fins I have to admit that for the moment I like my Select fins (the cheaper SL7/RS7 series) better (performance wise).

However, my reason for trying other fins is the lack of durability of the Select fins (see http://peterman.dk/windsurf-select-s...fins01-780.htm). As Select-Hydrofoils doesn’t seem to bother answering my questions, perhaps you can tell me if the fin heads and foils of the more expensive S0 series are stronger than that of the SL/RS series. Have you had any trouble with the durability of your S09 fins?

Regards Peter
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Originally Posted by Charlie360 View Post
I'm also toying with the idea of changing my current Isonics to an 86, 101 and possibly 121 (or keep the 111 and just get an 86 & 101?) - for the sails I have which are NP:RS 5.8, 6.7, 7.8 & 9 - would they be a better match (I'm 80Kg) my only issue is that I often sail in an area with gusty offshore conditions and strong tides which means that occasionally the volume of the 96 is welcome when trying to get home!
What about getting instead a Is-131, you have the sail for it ... Is-96+Is-111+Is-131 and if you really want a high-high-wind slalom get a Is-86 slim.
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To be honest, I only get a limited amount of time windsurfing these days and therefore don't tend to go out on the water very often in 9M conditions, so I'm not sure how much use a 121/131 would get, my current 160 litre AHD gets used maybe twice a year, so I think I'd prefer the smaller board - I'm leaning towards an 86, for a number of reasons, I think I could still uphaul it and therefore just about get home in unfavourable conditions, I think it would suit the 5.8 sizedsails well, I do much of my sailing in open sea conditions, so although I'd still like a speed board, I'm not really sure they'd be as suitable as a small slalom board, however I maybe wrong, I also can't help but wonder whether it would feel a little close in size to my 96? I was potentially looking at a 2009 model year 86 - is there a significant difference between this and the 2010 board (there isn't much mention of changes to this on the site, just the 94 and the slim 86)
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