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Default Design differences


This past weekend I had two different experiences with results that puzzled me. Some help in clarifying them are most welcome:
They are:
1- Conditions:salt water lake, actually the 2nd saltiest place in the world (75 g/l c/w 35 g/l sea water),winds 10 - 13 knots (my guess), flat water. I was on HS133 and GTX 6.5 and planing with the strong gusts. There is also this local guy with Noth Sail 6.4 race sail and 06 JP 94 l slalom board. He??s about my size and weight. After a few drag races I noticed that we started to plane at about same time but he's a little bit faster everytime.
Apparently more volume doesn't put you on a plane earlier or maybe race sails pulls much stronger, or even both. His shorter fin migth explain his marginal speed edge.

2- Same place and day except that wind dropped to 8 -10 knots, this time measured on a wind meter. I changed sail do Severne Overdrive 8.5 and still can plane with lots of pumping .My girlfriend is sailing her *board FW 147 with my GTX 6.5 on it. On a few ocasion I took her equipment and much to my surprize can plane and keep it planing a lot easier with so much less effort and with similar speed c/w HS and 8.5. I couldn't point as high as the other guys on FW and bigger sails but started to plane at about same time since pumping a 6.5 sail is way easier.
Comparing FW 147 and HS 133 longer fin and more volume apparently made all the difference.

I'm not a begginer and consider myself good at pumping.
I certainly lost my sort of prejudice against FW . Sailing FW with 6.5 was way less demanding than HS and 8.5 and certainly a pleasure.

Any thoughts?
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