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Hi Alex,

Could you please post a picture of the sail cloth you use I can't seem to find the material you are talking about. Could you also post a picture of how you slip it in, this would be a great help.

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hi *board,
why not use mini tuttle boxes for the back fins?
isn't it much easier to have the same box system front and back?
then, if i imagine landing high jumps, i guess the fcs fins will brake sometimes!
additionally it could open more tuning possibilities (e.g. exchanging front and back fins)
and did you try asymmetrical frontfins with some toe-in?
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It's mainly a weight thing. The fcs fins are a lot lighter (the base of a MT fin weight a fair bit) as are the box installation. So it's a trade off. Another plus for the fcs system if of course availability which means that if you break one, is normally very easy to get a replacement.

But as you say, more trim options would be nice. Personally I think a new type of box with both lighter weight and some adjustability should be developed. The US but is good but just too heavy if we want four of them. The MT is pretty light and strong and easy to use, but lacks adjustability.

I don't think the fcs fins will break from landing jumps though. They are more solid than you might think and there are after all four fins to split the forces.
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