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Default narrow boom?

Hello all,

I have a couple of quick questions regarding rigging. I am considering buying a new 2005 HPL (150-210cm) carbon boom which I tried and it seems pretty nice. However, there is a peculiar problem with it I did not experience before. Its arch is unusually narrow with the widest point of only 18'(46cm) and the mid point is 14'(36cm). So I tried it today and apparently when I sailed the sail kept touching the leeward side of the boom.

I did not want to apply any extra outhaul (to already at that point reasonably well outhaulled sail) since I was quite underpowered. So I had to release the downhaul to the point of having like 4-5 cm below the manufacturer recommended lenght (5.9 RAF Neil Pryde). As at the same time I left the outhaul fixed it a little bit stretched the sail vertically. But even after that when I came back on the water I could see the boom beeing touched by monofilm. I know that my rigging was wrong but it was the only idea that came to my mind about how to fix the touching problem.

I have never had this experience before as I owned a number of freeride boom which were pretty wide. Now my question: should I discard the boom or may be I am doing something wrong? Is it a compatibility issue of boom vs. sail? Does touching actually influence the dynamic of the sail with any adverse effect? And if does with how much touching can you get away?

I included the link to a picture with the boom. The read lines are where the sail touches the boom, the green outline is the profile of a regular freeride boom.

Your help will be greatly appreciated,
Thanks a lot,
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