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Default Quiver question for a heavy-weight


presently i use a 160 liter 79 cm board {non-SB} for now
am looking at SB formula for TOW - not new to save $$$
and hopefully sell the other-brand 160 due to overlap

logically next board down would be a 130
however, 130s all seem to handle same sail ranges as my current 160

does this mean the next board down would be less than 125 ?
this means high wind and highly skilled heavy-weight, non ?

saw AA's, Remi's and PWA choice of 130,111 and 86 - that's for the pro's :-(

thx as always
joe windsurfer

nb current sails 2008 10.0 race, 2006 8.5 no-cam and 7.0 older cammed
i do not count my training 4.0 sail and duct-taped 6.x'es :-)

added:yeah i fogot to mention - i am 100 kilos/220 pounds and PG confirms around 110 liters

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