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Default Wrist support?

Hi there,

I'm relatively new to the sport, only sailed for about a year, but almost straight from the start I got a sore wrist after each sail. It stays painful for about three weeks before getting better, but I rarely give it that long to recover anyhow. At least when I'm on the water adrenalin makes me forget about it completely... haha.

I'm thinking I'll probably just have to live with it, but was wondering if anyone else has the same problem? If so, has anyone found any sort of device to support weak wrists? Straps etc.?

First I thought it was because of the countless times I had to haul myself back onto the board after falling in, but these days I only waterstart, so no more drastic bending of the old wrist. Other reasons I could think of are a) the fact that I'm of pretty light build - could the forces just be too much for my bones?
and b) that said wrist had a fracture about twenty years ago.

Any other ideas? Wrist-strengthening exercises? Supplements or healing balms that have worked for you?

Any tips would be much appreciated.

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