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Default Inboard footstraps = Easier to plane through jibes?

I was wondering whether putting the straps on the inboard positions on my Futura 93 would make it easier to plane through jibes?

Argument for: Having more of your weight over the centerline, making it easier to carve smoothly.

Argument against: Footstraps in this position won't generate as much topend speed so I'll have less speed going into the jibe.

Not really sure which setting would speed up my quest for the planing jibe...

So far I can keep the board planing until I flip the rig, at which point I round up and almost have to waterstart because I've rounded up so much. I think (confirmed by a pro on the beach and Matt Pritchard in his latest gybe tips) that I'm flipping too late. If I carry a lot of speed through the turn, will it be easier to plane out if I flip the sail at full down wind?

If you've had similar issues when learning to carve gybe your comments would be appreciated.

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I don't think the footstrap position has anything to do with jibing. When you step across the board with your downwind foot to transfer your weight to the rail for turning, where your other foot is located has little to do with the jibe, since 80% of your weight is on the foot out of the strap.

I can turn a formula board pretty quickly with both feet almost a meter apart on opposite rails. I can also increase the turning radius by how much weight transfers to the downwind foot.

As for flipping the sail, rounding up does indicate you may be flipping a little late. However, it may also be how you have the weight distributed on your feet. If you don't unweight the foot that was on the downwind rail at the right time, you will just keep carving regardless of what you do with the sail.

Also, if you lack speed, when you switch your feet 3/4 of the way through the jibe, you can sink the tail, which will round you up as well.

Bottom line, planing jibes take lots of practice. I have done 1000's and 1000's and still haven't perfected them.
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I think you should try mounting the straps inboards. It should make it easier and smoother to jibe, and I actually don't think that your top speed will be affected in any significant way anyhow.

Try it for a few sessions, the you will know.
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I agree with Ken.

Putting you straps more inside will have little or no influence because the back foot needs to come out anyway to push the downwind rail towards the water. My front foot (that stays longer in the strap) helps me "pulling" the board leeward.
Especially with a formula board, where the footstraps are extremely outside positioned, this pulling technique helps me a lot to carve through the jibe. Fantastic feeling, I always find.

If you round up too far, it's almost always caused by flipping over too late, or bad flipping over. Many people make the mistake that the mast is gettig too far away from the body, during flip over. After flipping over it looks like they still still need to "uphaul" the rig, sorts of speak. Then it's also normal that you round up too far. At the flipover moment, try to pull the mast ASAP towards the body. Also holding the mast with one hand just above the booms helps in fast flipovers.
I know that this tip has improved my jibes a lot.
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Old 19th April 2010, 08:41 PM   #5
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Thanks for the replies.

Next time I'm on the water I shall try flipping the rig earlier. Also, I think that I'm not aggressive enough in my flipping because in the past I would get catapulted a lot as I sheeted the sail in after flipping, but this was probably due to not enough speed, as with a higher speed there is less apparent wind making it easier to flip.

It was definitely easier to jibe on an RAF sail, I could often get moving jibes where I wouldn't round up so much. That said I still love my cam sail and am dedicated to doing planing jibes with it.

I look forward to taking all your comments to the water with me next time I'm sailing. Thanks again.
JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
175cm, 54kg
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Deja Vu
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When it comes to slalom sailing there are two things you really need to do! Go fast on all points of sail and complete full planing gybes. If you can do 30 knots through chop and occasionally hit 35+ knots on flat water, you're fast! Now, consistently nailing your gybes is a huge challenge for every sailboarder except the world class super heros that we're all in awe of. Having one's straps on the outside gives one a little more leverage over the fin, which should translate into more speed in conditions where more speed is obtainable (flatter water). I can actually complete most of my gybes in flatter conditions if I gybe in the gusts rather than being seduced into just going for speed. For some reason the strap to strap or sail first gybe works for me (rather than the step gybe) and the trick is to push away with your front foot (which is still in the strap) after you flip the sail to keep the board off the wind (from rounding up) and on a good plane before switching your feet. What makes sailboarding such a great sport is that you can't become good in a few days - it takes years, at least for mere mortals.

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