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Thanks nonopr,

Do you see a difference in performance when you ride with the carbon vs the G10 with the same board ? Just want to get your objective opinion. Thanks.
Just got an answer from Jeff who confirmed that most orders are on the G10 and I'm expecting also a reply from the racer Jasper Orth who uses both as well.
Roby SUI-37
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Actually, I just as recently as a month ago got the carbon version and i can tell you there is a difference in weight but the performance is as good in G-10 as the carbon.
I tested the 40cm and the 42cm in the iSonic 111 with 7.0m and 7.6m TR-6 MauiSails and they feel very good, but in the G-10 in the same sizes still feel very similar to their counter part in carbon. G-10 Canefires has been used by Jasper for a while already and he seems to like them also.
My recommendation is G-10 as the carbon are very limited and i have only tested them 2-3 times. Actually i still have a 46 and a 50cm that have not even tested yet with my iSonic 131.
Are you going to use them in salt water or fresh water. If you are using them in salt water i recommend using one size smaller with 2010 iSonics
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