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Hi Roger,
thanks a lot for taking the time to help me out. I've worked a bit more on filing/sanding and I'm very close to reaching 100% fit.
The frustration came because today was a sunny and windy day but I wasn't surfing since I was sitting at the beach sanding, soaping, filing, soaping, filing, etc. for quite some time..
The fin is a deep tuttle R16 (finhead has some 70mm) and the finbox in the board is even slightly deeper than that.
But one thing that happened to me is that one of those white rings that is glued to the top of the board where the bolts go in got loose after the first time I fixed the bolts. What shall I use to glue it back?
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90% of the time I buy a new fin I have to sand the base of the fin. But I can tell you that it does not take days or hours to do it. Maybe 10 minutes per fin.
I sand the sides then the front and then the back and fit, move the fin around to mark where it is too tight and back to the sanding.
No more than 10 minutes.
I think the quality of the deboichet you have is by far the worse. Or you are doing something wrong here.
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Hi Andy,
If the fin does not sit flush in the box, you can certainly sail the board.
You will lose a tiny bit of top end speed (due to a little bit more drag at the
fin base, but the board will sail just fine.
Go sailing tomorrow!
As far as the white ring, use some contact cement to stick it back on.
If you know anyone who recently installed footpads on a board, the special
deck pad glue would be even better, but you only need a dab of it, not a whole
You dealer or a local board repair shop should have a used tube of the footpad glue.
Get some "SS fender washers" to use on top of the white rubber seals and they won't
deform and twist off.
Hope this helps,
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