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Default Choosing the correct board


I've been at a windsurfing school this summer and I really enjoyed it and would wish to continue. However, where I live there are no rentals and I've bumped into a wall: ¿What board should I choose?

After some inactivity my weight has gone up to 115 Kg (253 Lbs). For what I've been reading this means the board should have a minimum volume of 115 + 10 (125 L) in order to pull the sail up without the board shinking. I still have to learn the waterstart so I must pull the sail up from the board.

Up untill now I've only sailed on a Satrboard Start L (225 L) during the lessons (10 hours) and 6 hours more on my own. I've always used the daggerboard on the board and I must say it gives me some cofidence going upwind. Some people say a board without a daggerboard would last longer as you can progress even further. I remeber that the first times I would drift alot with the daggerboard since I was closing to much my sail and trying to go upwind without gaining any speed first but I finally felt confortable going upwind with the daggerboard. ¿Would it be as fast to learn to sail without a dagger board? ¿Is it real that a board without a daggerboard would be more progressive? It is quite a lot of money to spend on a board that would be too big soon, but I don't wish to waste my money on a board on which it would be too difficult to continue learning.

On the other hand I should be able to carry the board on top of my car so I can't affoard a hughe board, plus they also say it would turn too big too soon.

At first I was thinking on getting a Rio, but people usually say the GO would be a better alternative as it would last longer. But I'm still a bit worried if learning to go upwind without a daggerboard would be hard. I was also thinking on the biggest models, but I've started thing a Rio M or the Go 155 would be better alternatives in order to extend the lifespan of the board. However it worries me that It would make my learning harder, although on the Start L I used on the school I usually didnt fell to the water much (only a couple of time) so maybe geting a board that is not as wide and with less volume would be the way to go.

My level is quite low... I went sailing without footstraps and the position I found confortable was between the initial position and the intermediate position. I was trying to get further back but the board would try to face the wind. I left my vacations just when I was learning how to go a little backwards on the board.

I was thinking on sailing on calm waters such as lakes, or sea protected waters such as bays. However, as I get proficient, I would like to sail on the beach, where there are small waves that break at the shore (Non surfing beaches).

For more research I've done I get more and more confused. The only thing that is certain is that it is quite expensive so I want to make the correct decision.

I would appreciate your opinions (Maybe the choises I have in mind right now are completelly wrong). If there is any other option I would be glad to know about it. If there is a guide on how to choose your board it would also be appreciated. I'm really messed up and I really wish to get wet soon.

Best regards

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