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Reasons people donít do formula windsurfing.

1. Cost. Board & sail are not too bad but a good fin & boom are.

2. Transportation & storage. I can fit my boom, 8.5 sail & 160 liter freeride in my vehicle but I can not fit my formula boom, board & rig inside. The board has to up top.

3. Location. Some places are not set up very well for formula. Shallow water, super light wind or difficult beach launch. Also I notice that most people tend to sail formulaís in wide, open waters. I donít see many formula sailors doing short BAF runs as the boards are not very exciting in a jibe.

Wind speed is all relative. I consider 10-15 knts light wind, 15-20 knts moderate, 20-25 knts strong wind and over 25 knts as high wind. As an earlier post stated we race in the S.F. bay in all the above wind speeds so formula is not limited.

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I think the lack of interest in formula is a combination of things.

1. there is a large initial cost. (boards and sails can be found cheap. booms masts and fins are not so cheap)
2. even the newer sails are rather heavy compared to a 6.5.
3. Americans are not in good physical shape (and most of the time not willing to get there)

I live on the coast with great access to launches and we have sea breezes in the low to mid teens almost every day. I sail after work and on the weekends. I almost always sail alone. If others are out it is because the wind is strong enough for free ride gear. We had a thriving formula scene at one time and it dropped off. Mostly due to the fact that races could never be scheduled on windy days. Lets face it, if you schedule a race you will have no wind or a storm with too much wind. Everyone got tired of not racing and sold their gear. Also many complained of the weight of the gear.

I rarely race. I use my formula board to just cruise. But I can go where ever I want. I have a circuit I do that takes about 2-3 hours and then I am worn out. Lets face it, sailing formula is hard work. It really takes some strength that must be built up over time. If I am not sailing I run or lift weights while most other Americans are on the couch.

I also teach windsurfing and see the same things. My students fit into 3 categories.
1. they try it love it and stick with it. (these are rare)
2. try it love it and dont stick with it for what ever reason.
3. try it, say this is hard, get into their SUV and go home.

This is no slam on Americans but lets face it, most Americans are overweight and don't exercise. I read an article in a windsurfing magazine once that sums it up best, If you cant shoot it or put gas in it we don't want to do it.

The majority of sailors I see on formula gear are European. I am just speaking from my own experiences but from what I see traveling, Americans have stereo-typed for a reason.
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if you want TOW and get out @ any time

why not longboard ??

if you trash the Americans - why not give your name and not hide as unregistered ??
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I think that COACHG has summarized it pretty well:

1. High Cost, 2. Difficult Transport, 3. Unsuited locations

are probably the most important factors why people don't tend to go Formula (or alike).

I know that transportation witholds me from longboards.
I have a closed windsurf trailer of 1.25m wide and 3.00m long. Formula fits fine, but longboard not.

Perhaps, the transportation plays an even more important role than the high cost for many people.
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put the longboard on top

how about Serenity ??
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"Why not longboards??"

While some people enjoy light wind cruising or sitting under a tree in a hammock with a cool beer, others simply want a little more excitement. Formula fills that need for some of us.

I am not knocking longboards, nor should anyone knock formula, we have choices and we go where we find the most fun and enjoyment.

Compared to Europeans, Americas are fat and lazy. I am an American and I see it all around. I have traveled to Europe in the big cities and hiked in Switzerland and Italy. I love to see all the people "on there feet" enjoying the wonders of the natural world. Many Americans also appreciate and enjoy the outdoors and are quite fit, but the majority are sadly out of shape and overweight.
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