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Question Wetsuit for windsurfers

Someone just posted a question about wetsuit and here are mine questions:

Why are windsurfers wearing wetsuits designed for divers?
To be more precise, why there is no fly zippers for windsurfers' wetsuits?

We don't have to pee in the wetsuits like the divers because for the divers, they have no choice since other divers are also in the water and can see what each other is doing in the water. But we windsurfers are above the water. We can do it discreetly while floating beside our boards. Back on land where there are toilets (or bushes), it would be easy to relief ourselves if there is a fly zipper.

Isn't it time for the wetsuit designers to consider the needs of windsurfers?

Wetsuit with a fly zipper would also be great for rental centres. (can you imagine wearing a wetsuit which another person just peed in it?).
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well its not like you can just slap out your dick and no-one will notice... also there might be some hungry fish in the water XD
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Cost? It's probably been tried, with the likelihood that water leakage was too much of an issue in THE place most sensitive to cold. Flaps to keep the water out? = too difficult to "get it out" to pee. Too much added material = too much binding in the same sensitive place.

Some dry suits (for paddlers) have a zipper fly, but the convenience will set you back an extra $100 US.

Just spend a couple of minutes to take it off and do what you need to do. A short break on shore is a good thing.
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Originally Posted by nicolo.piccolomini View Post
well its not like you can just slap out your dick and no-one will notice... also there might be some hungry fish in the water XD
hahaha.. do it discreetly, in the water, not standing on your board in full view of everyone. As for hungry fish, well, you just got to know your area well.
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Talking Try a pipe ?

Try a pipe attached and running down your leg ;exiting outside suit ??? Works for me ; but then again pipe only has to be 6 inches long for me to reach ankle !!! (Ha ha !!! actually f.. all to attach pipe to !!!)
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