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Default RE: New sail for my hypersonic 111

Hi Julian
I??m not an Ezzy empolyeed but Have some Ezzy sails. I also have Tushingham Ligtning 9,4 and another smaller. The ligthning is a very good sail and specially when powered up. But I have understood that Charley wants a "freeride like" sail, facil to handle, both in the upper and lower windregister. For the Hypersonic boards I have learnt that its very important to have a sail with power to help the board to planning conditions (difficult with the HS). When powered up its important to have a stable forward, draft profile in the sail to get a balanced board with equal forces to both legs. With the HS you have the tendency to sail with maximal attention not to loose the equilibrium between all the forcesand you will soon be tired. Its difficult to make the sailtrimming, with boomhight, footstrap positioning and mastfoot placement.

Therfore I think that a extrem forward, deep-draft profile would facilitate that trimming and specially if this profil will stay even in well powered up conditions. If uoy do not have experiences with the Ezzy sail I will recommend the tushingham sails. Another reason to buy the Ezzy sail its the quality which is superior to most of the other brands.
I would be very glad to hear some comments from a more professional than myself.
With regards,
John J.
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