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Default Go 151


I noticed that photos on the SB site show the 2011 GO 151 to have a different combination of foot strap hole positions then the other boards in the Go line. Also, the foot pads are shaped differently, they cover less of the board, even less area than the smallest board in the line, the 121. Is the photo of the 151 correct?
It just seems strange that all the boards in the line, except for the 151, are consistent with the pads and strap position options.

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Hi Teddy,
I see what you mean!
The forward holes (up beside the mast base) are the "beginner strap" positions.
Over the years these FS positions have been included in many of the Start boards, and some of the GO boards.
I personally have never used them, as the liability laws here in the USA would put both me and my sponsors in some legal jeapordy if a student or beginner put their foot in those straps (forward and beside the mast base) and the mast fell over and crushed their foot.
Actually for ALL beginner lessons, I try to have no footstraps on the boards at all.
Sometimes I will take smaller students out on a different board with footstraps and simulate (by shifitng
my weight on the board) what being in the rear footstraps is going to feel like. I do this only for llightweight students who are doing better than the average.
I do it so that they (the kid) will not be afraid of the footstraps when they get sailing better and get to the skill level that footstraps are needed.
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