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Default Is Antoine Albeau Cheating to win?

There has been rumors that Antoine was caught cheating at the last event in Spain.
Having two sails of the same size with different specifications rigged ready. The rumor is both sails had identical sticker placement, same specifications written in the sail from factory but the sails were actually different to each other.
Does anyone knows about it? Is he so desperate to wind that he needs to do that?
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having the sails rigged is not cheating.
using non legal sails in an event would lead to disqulalification if proven.
You should be very very sure you have the facts right before accusing the worlds best racer of cheating
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Cool Wtf! !!

Haha how the hell is that cheating you idiot! What rule has he broken? All hes done is rigged 2 sails. Retard dont accuse the best sailor in the world for cheating or anyone else for that matter because you do not have the intelligence to do so
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just out of curiosity what type sail is illegal? how is it made? is it that the sail has to be a production sail?
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Hey guys:
Take it easy. He said there was some rumors of something going on. He is asking like anyone who has a brain needs to do.
So if anyone was there and care to explain what happen?
For those with any opinion first read the rules of the PWA under Equipment Registration # 2.5.1 section (B):
Competitors shall register 4 sails. Competitors must then race on any of these sails unless the protest commitee permits the exchange of a sail due to damage beyond reasonable repair.
Also in section 2.5.3 under Equipment Scrutinizing:
Basicly says you must allow the official to see the equipment you are going to use and if you fail to report equipment used during racing you shall be disqualify.

Which of the two (Unregister) you are accussing the sailor of doing? Please explain. if any of these are the rules he broke.

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Del Carpenter
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IF, anyone of Antoine Albeau's stature was caught cheating there wouldn't be any rumors. IF, that happened it would be NEWS! No news, therefore the alleged rumor is a hoax.
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