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Default Board and sails recommendation for a beginner

I'm interested in buying a board and sails but I'm not sure exactly what I need.

I'm a beginner. I had a course on a holiday trip and sailed a few hours only. I did not learn waterstart and used a board with a dagger fin. It felt easy but the wind was light and I thought it was not going fast enough for me. I'm not sure if the sail was big enough. My weight is about 160 pounds. I have been doing other sports for a few years like wakeboarding, wakesurfing and snowboarding so I feel relatively comfortable on a board.

Wind conditions here are pretty light and gusty. Let's say about 70% of the time, the wind is below 10 knots. 20% of the time the wind is ranging from 6 knots to 14 knots. And 10% of the time, from 12 knots to 22 knots.

I can't try or rent any gear around here. I could not find any certified instructor around here either. So I guess I will have to teach myself until I go for another holiday trip where I can windsurf. I will also have to buy online so I need to make sure I get the right gear for me.

From what I have read here, I need a dagger fin to help me stay upwind so I guess my options are the following boards:

Rio S
Rio M
Phantom Race 320
Phantom Race 380
Go 151 with a dagger fin
Go 171 with a dagger fin

From what I read, the Rio S would be a good size for me and easier to learn on. But can I ride this board in very light wind with a big sail? Is it possible to plane on any of these boards in light wind? What would be the best board for learning and having fun in light and gusty wind? How much volume does my board has to have if I want to perform a standing start? Is it possible to perform a standing start without a dagger fin? And how much wind do you need to perform a water start?

Another point to take into consideration is that I live in a condo, so it would probably be easier for me to store a Go 151 or Rio S since they are smaller and lighter.

What sails should I buy to cover the wind we have here? What is the difference between a cam and no cam sail? And what should a beginner use? I read that sails with cams are more stable, is that true?

Should I buy a 100% carbon mast? What kind of boom should I buy? Since the wind is very light, do I need to go for the lightest mast and boom possible?

I'm willing to pay for a really good gear that will allow me to have fun in light wind and that will also last for a long time.

Thank you for your help

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