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sergio k
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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
What is your largest sail size?
The HWR or LWR are pretty much going to need at least a 9.0-10.0 m2 Formula sail to get going in your light Florida summertime winds (I've been there and done both coasts in September several years in a row).
The Ultra Sonic 147 is sort of right in between a true formula board (HWR/LWR) and a true slalom board
(Isonic 133 and smaller).
I have the 2011 UltraSonic 147 and at 170 lbs./77 Kg. I can get the US147 going with a 9.2 Sailworks
NX fw and stay planing in 8-9 knots of wind.
With an 8.5m2 Sailworks NX slm I can plane and stay planing in 10 knots.
At 130 lbs./59 kg. you should easily get on plane and stay on plane in 8-9 knots on an 8.5 m2 Free Race sail (better low end power than full on race sails).
Also the US 147 will work better in the 12-16 knot range for a lightweight sailor with 7.0-8.5 m2 rigs.
At around 17 knots (which you probably won't see until later in the fall) you will probably want to get on a smaller board anyway.
Formula boards perform well with formula sails and much less well with smaller sails.
The US147 will do well with smaller sails with a lighter sailor.
If you want to race, the US147 would work, and I'll bet the racers would welcome another woman out on the race course, even on a less that fully certified formula board (unless you start beating them at their own game....?)
If not the UltraSonic 147, have you thought about a Formula Experience board? These do pretty well with smaller sailors and smaller sails.
Roger, I would agree with you on most things, other than Formula Experience comment, it's heavier,
a bit softer rails, it will not plane as fast as similar shape formula. For lightweights what works well is
lighter board, can be a little narrower tail since chances are instead of 11-12 m2 sail, person will be using
9-10 m2, and a custom XXXSoft fin. I plane on described gear as early or earlier than bigger guys on 12 m2
with my 10 m2.
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