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Default Trading a Carve 122 on a ISonic 135

Hi Roger,

I think that I am an intermediate level windsurfer. 102 Kg (used to be 107). I have a formula experience board which I??m now learning to use downwind because sometimes it was hard to point back to the point that I have departed. This is my formula 160 problems, no flotation envolved. By the way I??m 42 turning 43 soon. Just 2 years windsurfing so far. Lots of TOW just to fight my own limitations. I am very stubborn learner. I guess I??m not a fast learner....

The question is I have a fine 2006 carve 122 and sometimes I have a hard time staying upwind. Sometimes the wind is too low to waterstart or too high either and I have to try five to six times to get it rigth, by this time I have went to far downwind and it is difficult to return.

I have the opportunnity to exchange this board (carve 2006) by a 135 Isonic of the same year. I??m feeling that I will have more flotation with this one and I bougth a 2007 naish red line sail 8,2 that I think will suit this last slalon board. What do ya think about these perpectives ? I also own a Gaastra Nitro 2 9.3 that is in the range both of the formula 160 tuskin board and the Isonic 133.

What Starboard means when its mentioned that the Isonics are a bit to technical ?

Thanks for your kind attention

Vinny BRA118
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