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Default RE: Light but Durable lightwind Cam sail - does it exist?

Hi Paulk,
Hmmmm.... it would be good to somehow watch how you rig (and derig) you sails.
Since I get alot of "help" rigging and derigging the Sailworks Retros I use for demos, over the years many of them have developed some "creases", but I've never had any of the creases turn into a hole.
Do you rig on sand, grass, flat cement or asphalt?
Do you roll your sails nice and tight, from the top, down the leech of the sail?
I mostly derig my sails "in the water" to eliminate sand or pavement damage and the sails last very well and bring a good price as demo sails at the end of the year when I trade them out for the next years sails.
How do you store your sails?
Mine all fit into a loft built into the top of my 15' box truck so they lay flat on sheets of 3/8" plywood over a 2x4 framework.
I sometimes have almost 2 full layers of sails and I don't get many creases.
Can you explain your rigging/derigging steps?
Hope this helps,
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