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Default RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita

are political commentaries really necessary ??I know parts of the USA where i can get robbed and kidnapped or shot very quickly, ghetto areas.
So look in you own backyard yankee, you sound like another paraniod ethnocentric american
hugo doenst like bush, so now hugos and his country are all now bad ...
its all rather sad really, but hey dont hate hugo too much, he hasnt stopped selling oil to the USA yet !! and yes the US gets alot of oil from him!!
If I sent people into various neighborhoods of Boston or N.Y. at night, I'ld give them some warning. It's not really politics, but rather just good advice.
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Default RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita

Hi there

Thanks for input. This is kind of info I was looking for, your posts (Paul and Thomas) make me reconsider my vacations plan ;-(
I want to avoid situation of really bored family on the beach.
What do you recon for feb-march holidays - good windsurfing and some quality time with family.


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Default RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita

I am from Venezuela and live now in USA thanks to Chaves. I go to Margarita every year or 2. for my opinion the best place to stay is El Yaque Paradise (http://www.hotelyaqueparadise.com), there are several places to go in Venezuela that are spectacular if you have the time try to go to Canaima ( it???s in the middle of the rainforest great waterfalls, wildlife , once in a lifetime trip. Go to this web address for more info: http://www.natoura.com/?OVRAW=venezuela&OVKEY=venezuela&OVMTC=standard.
Also you should try to go to Los Roques , is and archipelago located 100 miles from the coast, great windsurfing ( the same hotel from el Yaque runs a rental place there). Good for family, great snorkeling, fishing, etc. and is safe very small population and most are fishermen and or European tourist. http://www.los-roques.org/

Be careful in Venezuela the crime rate is extremely hi and the government does not care. I am living in the USA thanks to the mess created there by Chaves it a shame he has all the power and resources to fix that beautiful country. Instead he destroys the country, corruption, crime, government burocracy, and many others has gone south exponentially.
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