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Default bic samba and alpha 291

hello, i have been away from windsurfing for a few years now. i am wanting to get back in again very badly. my previous boards have been longboards. i havent learned to waterstart yet. i am trying to find the cheapest way to get back into the sport. i have been offered to use a couple of boards from a friend to borrow while i am getting my finances together to look for a used one of my own. one is a bi samba 170 liters and the other an alpha 291 125 liters aka fanatic ultra shark 291. i weigh 145 pounds. do you think either of these boards have advantages over the other board. i do want to learn to waterstart. would either board be easier to learn that skill on. i sail mainly in 5-15 mph winds on lake norman in charlotte nc. i take trips to the nc coast as well as hatteras as often as i can. any insight and helpful suggestions we be very much appreciated. thanks, len
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Water starting is easy to learn on any board, size isn't that much of an issue except that being able to uphaul for backup is important. All you need is enough wind and some basic instruction. Wind is one thing, but sail size is the other. If you are using a small sail, 4-5 meters, you will need a lot more wind to water start compared to a 7 or 8 meter sail. So whatever board you pick, make sure you are comfortable uphauling it in slightly choppy water. Lake Norman is pretty big and you could drift a long way if the board is too small to uphaul in small/medium waves. Stay close to shore when you are learning.

I learned on a longboard via trial and error in the 80's. When ever I fell to windward and didn't sink the sail, I gave waterstarting a try and before long, it just happened.
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