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Deja Vu
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Default Isonic 110 or 117

I would like an opinion with respect to which of these two boards (Is 110 or Is117) would suite my purposes. I weigh approximately 82 kilos and have been sailing for 30 years. I presently own a 2010 Is 131 and a 2011 Is 107.

I am looking for a board that gybes easier than the Is 131 and can also be used in light to moderate winds with either an 8.6 meter or 9.1 meter sail. Obviously I want something that is fast, planes quickly and gybes well -- everything my Is 107 does (which I will keep). I am not sure if an Is 110 really offers any significant advantages over the 107 to justify having both. Perhaps the 117 does. I seldom use an 8.6 meter sail with my 107.

Is the 117 competitive in a straight line with the 131 (now 127), through the lulls and is it easier to gybe. Yes, I can do full planning gybes on the 131 but it is less often and more difficult (quite a bit) than gybing the the 107.

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