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Originally Posted by BelSkorpio View Post
I'm not convinced that a 9.6 is as powerful as a 10.9.
Getting onto the plane with it, yes. But pointing upwind, doubtful.
For me I found the 2011/2012 Ultrasonic pretty poor upwind unless well powered, where the 2013 seems to easily fly upwind, even when not fully powered(using the same fin of course)
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YES. I Completely agree.
I wrote this already more than a year ago in a thread. Don't remember anymore which one.
I cannot compare with the 2013 version of the US because I've never tried it but I compare with my former Formula 161. Perhaps I shouldn't compare with a Formula because obviously the US is NOT a Formula but I also found that pointing was not the best property of the US.
What I can tell you is that a bigger fin (e.g. 64) in combination with a 10.9 sail and the mast foot way back helps A LOT. So, indeed the US needs power for pointing. It handles the power also very well and that's why I like it a lot.

Interesting to hear that the 2013 version points better. Must be the wider tail, although I haven't checked the specs.
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Without trying the two back to back I couldn't say but they seem the same upwind, just need to be planning and a decent size fin.
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