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Default MFC / Sonntag fins for Is110

Looking for new fins for my Is110: Currently I have a Select S12 43cm and Deboichet SL3 40cm. I weigh 87kg and sail board with North WARP F2013 8.6, 7.8 and 7.0 - The Select is too big for the 7.8, and the Deb SL3 is too small, unless sailing very broad

I am considering MFC, either RC-2 or KP-RC 42cm and 40cm, are these recommended for the IS110. The KP-RC is a bit cheaper than the RC-2, how do these fins compare?

I am also interested in Sonntag fins, I am looking at the SL-3 possibly 43 cm and 40cm anyone used these? The Sonntag fin is one and a half times the price of the KP-RC, is it worth spending the extra?


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mark h
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Hi Matthew

Noticed you'd had no reply so thought I'd chip in

Not much info around on the MFC's, but the ones I've seen are best described as budget fins. I think Micah B used to use the (so they can't be bad) but most seemed to opt for other brands.

Sonntag are very good, but they do a few different models and you need to make sure you match the right one for conditions you want to use it in. You could contact Jorg at Sonntag for advice, he is very good and knows his stuff. Here's a link with some useful feedback on these fins (if you speak French):


Or, you could look at other brands that are known to work with iSonics. Z-fins (big money and long-ish waiting list). Select V-max 41cm and 43cm. F-Hot (my favourit) 40cm and 43cm. If I was just getting "one" fin in either Deb or F-hot, I'd be going with a 40cm as a decent all-rounder.

The problem with your two current fins are that the Select S12 is a powerful light wind shape and the Deb SL3 is a high wind shape for extra control. There is only 3cm between them but their designed range off use is for opposite ends of the spectrum.

Just my 2 cents worth
Cheers - Mark H

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I would support Marks comments of above but another fin to consider and you may laugh initially and thats the Drake Ready to Race, its defiantly not a budget performance fin.... they do a DW Downwind and a Slalom 8 which is obviously slightly more powerful I have only used the DW models and have a good number in my quiver and they represent excellent performance for the money and would put them in the F-Hot league and well above the MFC... Plus they are designed hand and glove with ISonic.

Allan Cross
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That is a good point about the Drake DW fins, I hadn't considered them.

However last week, after lots of email to joerg, I decided to go for 2 Sonntag fins a 40cm and a 43cm SL P fin

Price is pretty much the same as F hot and about £25 more than the Drakes

I now have another fin proble; I just sailed my IS87 using my select Caspar Speed 29 and it was awful, even though I have been using the Select in my IS101 very happily. It was really windy and choppy today, and the Select was just too stiff. What is the ideal fin for the Is87 when it is really blowing? I may be able to get some C3 fins at a reasonable cost, or do I go for a 32 cm Sonntag or a Drake DW, if so, what size?
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G'day Matthew, Just in case you're still looking at fins, the Sonntags work beautifully with Isonics and well worth the outlay. I won the masters division in the Lancelin Ocean Classic downwind marathon this year on a 2014 Isonic 107 with a 38cm Sonntag SL-R and 7.0 Reflex. Despite being really underpowered in places the fin kept gripping to trim the board nicely and stay in front of guys on bigger gear. Control in the chop, and top end speed are outstanding characteristics of these fins too, so it terms of top performance over a range of conditions the Sonntags are hard to beat.

Cheers, Shane O'Neill

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