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Default Foot strap screws

I have just received my 2014 Go Windsurfer. I am having problem putting the screws in the holes it does not seem to go in far enough to tighten the foot strap.
Has anyone else had this problem?
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You must use either the provided Tiki Tool #3 Phillips screwdriver or a good quality aftermarket #3 Phillips Screwdriver, preferably with a heat treated/black oxided tip.
The really high quality #3 Phillips tip will be slightly serrated/contoured to better grip in the
drive recess in the rather soft stainless steel of the footstrap screws.
Since the larger 7 mm Plastics Technology Thread Footstrap screws are still being screwed into
holes in the board that are sized for a 6 mm PT thread screw, it helps a lot to lubricate the screws.
The best lubricant is a bar of bath soap, rubbed on the threads of the screw before starting
them in the holes.
You also have to do the entire "stack up" of correct serrated oval washers/K9 lock tabs to prevent the screws from going too deeply into the holes and damaging the board by punching out the end of the foot strap insert holes.
Do not use a power screwdriver as the higher rotational speed will cause damaging heat and actually prevent correct tightening.
If you have any 6 mm PT thread foot strap screws it's a really good idea to lube one with the soap and screw it part way into the holes in your board you intend to use.
The 6mm screw has the same pitch as the 7mm and acts almost like a tap to help get the 7 mm screws started and cuts the friction to getting the 7 mm screws fully into the foot strap screw plastic inserts and properly tightened.
Hope this helps,

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Default Foot strap screws

Thank you Roger I will try this thanks for your help
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