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Default Isonic 90 or 97

Hello there,

I am hesitating between two quivers:

Isonic 90 + 7m + Severne Reflex 5.6m


Isonic 97 + 7.8m + 6.2m Severne Reflex

My goal is to be able to sail between 15 and 30 knots (ideally starting planing at 12/13 knot).
I weight 72kg, good technical level. I sail in open sea water, quite choppy when the wind is strong.

I am aware that the gap between the 2 sails is big but I want to limit myself to 2 sails. I also realize that two boards would widen my range but I cannot have more than 1 board and 2 sails.

My question is:

First is it ridiculous to hope to cover such a wide range of use with 1 board / 2 sails?
Second if it is not "ridiculous" is it better to choose the first or second option? Or even a third one?

Thank you in advance
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Have you considered a 107. With your weight it will have great bottom end (7.8). It can handle a 6.2 up to 30 knots no probs and is fast. 2014 is very special.
Cheers OZI

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I think 107 with 6.2 in 30 knots with my 72kg will be too much, especially in open sea.
I am actually thinking going for the smaller board, the 90 Isonic, especially as it seems to be more like 93 liters (measured), and the width is 63cm too.
Don't you think I will be planning with this board and a 7m in 13/14 knots, and be "good" in from 15/16 knots?
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mark h
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Hi David,

I think your making the correct choice with the iS90. At 78kg, the iS90 and 7m should be ok in 15/16 knots.

But the good thing will be that the iS90 will be much more controllable in 30 knots winds and water
Cheers - Mark H

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Old 8th August 2014, 12:09 PM   #5
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Hi David

I'm 69 kg and I have an iSonic 97 2013 for my medium board (7m - 6.4m ) and use a Futura 93 my for small board (6.4-5.8) simply because at +23 knots I also like to bump & jump on the Futura. I have never tried the iSonic 97 with a 5.8 but I think at +23 knots it will be a handful compared to the Futura. My suggestion is to go with the iSonic 90 (7 & 5.6).


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Old 9th August 2014, 12:05 AM   #6
kapten k
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I have the 2014 97 and its a very different shape compared to my 2011 97. i infact orderd the 90, but got the 97 The 97 is amazing with a 7.9 and 6.7 i sailed it with 8.6 7.9 7.1 and 6.7 The older 97 felt larger an not as fast.. (bigger tail) Im 85kg and use the 97 from 16 to 26knots Although i think it has a very wide range and feels a lot faster for me in 20knots with a 7.9 compared to my IS110 Over power on 6.7 i will keep the 6.7 and change for a 74litre manta or wave gear, I think you will loose a lot of light wind sailing with a 90 and 7.0 if you don't have bigger gear. I have a 6.0 race sail. but i can hold on to my 6.7 so long i hardly ever use it. Another option is to go for Isonic 90 + 7.8m + 6.2m
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I guess how much you sail in conditions under 20 knots and how often you get 20-30 knots should decide. If you want one board to cover a biggest wind range it is really wise to optimize the conditions you get the most over the conditions you are hoping for. It is also more fun to hold on to a bigger board in a lot of wind than to slog around in lighter wind on a smaller board when there is enough to get going with a bigger board.

I guess if 13 to 23 knots are what you mostly get the 107 is the board. If you never get less than 15 knots 97 should be good and if 90% of your conditions are between 20 and 30 knots 90 should do it for you.

I have the 110 with a 8.6 and a 7.0 that covers 10-18 knots and then I have the 87 that covers anything over that with my 7.0 and 6.2. My weigh is 72 kg. We get a lot of strong winds, but most of the days are still around 15 knots. The 110 is then a beauty.
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David, just to add my bit so take it or leave it but we would all like the one board and two sail solution to our windsurfing needs but life on the water is not like that unfortunately. This is how I started my sailing many years ago and it was a compromise, you either struggle with light winds or strong winds or possibly both. I don't know if it is money or space in the car that is restricting you but realistically you need a minimum of two boards and three sails to cover a larger wind range. If it is money why don't you look at buying second hand? Ok so you won't have the latest and best kit on the beach but you would sail more days a year and enjoy more sailing time instead of being sat at home because the forecast looked rubbish or the wind wasn't what you expected when you get to your sailing venue.
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Guys, thanks a lot for your help.
I think I will go for the IS 90, especially since the difference between the 2 boards is only 2 litres (95L vs. 93L) and 2.5 cm... cf the ISAF COMPLETE LIST OF APPROVED SERIES PRODUCTION SLALOM/SPEED BOARDS:
The uncertainty is now more on the sail side. I will buy either Gaastra Vapor 2014 or Severne Reflex 5. As suggested by Kapten K I am now thinking going for a 7.8 + 6.2, especially if going with the Severne which is less powerful and have a good top end.
One alternative would be to take the 7.1 vapour (more powerful) and 5.6 severne?
Thanks again for your time and your answer guys, very helpful
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