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Del Carpenter
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Default Which sail type for racing narrow longboards

1. My general question is: assuming most current racing sails are designed with formula boards in mind, could a mediocre sailor on a narrow longboard similar to a Mistral One-Design be better off with deeper draft sail instead of a race sail?

I think a sailor using flatter race sails has a smaller movement distance between full-on power and low power. I think a sailor who makes trimming mistakes with a flatter race sail experiences gustier conditions than a sailor making the same mistakes with a deeper draft, more recreational sail (freerace, freestyle). A sailor on a formula board has a more stable platform than a sailor on a narrow longboard so the formula sailor can handle gustier conditions than the longboard sailor.

If the above is generally correct, does the control advantage of a deeper draft more receational sail apply on both the downwind leg of a race course and in the slalom jibing section?

(Of course I could be going in entirely the wrong direction. The quicker on-off nature of a race sail could improve control in some situations.)
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