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Default what makes a board turn

When looking at a board, I often cannot predict how it will sail and turn.

Newer models have less rocker, more speed, less fin sweep, etc.

Rear concave and sharp rail give grip on a carve.
Narrower tails help somehow, maybe at higher speed, rail to rail.
Tail rocker should make a banked board turn on the rail if one keeps enough front foot pressure
Tail kick enables turning more off the rear foot.
Sharp rear rail changing to softer rail forward can help somehow esp. on this rear foot action.
A flexible swept fin with cutout becomes a curved hydrodynamic surface that can help turning.
The better a board sails off the wave, the worse it turns on the wave?

I recently tested the '07 JP FSW93 and it actually turns. It also is a very good board to get on more waves in light wind conditions. I am still concerned about its less than radical bottom turning. It has no tail rocker, no tail kick and a big mostly unswept fin. Rear rails are sharp and thin. All of the other FSW boards I have tried, including JP from previous years, gave me no action on bottom turns. Why does it turn as well as it does without any rocker?

My Evo 83 works with a 5.3 on a wide range of waves. Having a hard time finding a ~95 liter that I like, a floater that planes easily, is soft in the water and turns radically. Has anybody found the limits of the next bigger Evo?

Conditions are near ideal, sideoff P. S. Carlos Baja, a bit light on the inside and strong on the bigger waves, slow waves mostly smooth.

Wish I had brought the E83 to Cape Town this season, since the inside can also be light and getting out past the breaks without a lot of power can sometimes be a challenge.
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