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Default RE: Anybody try the Apollo Yet?

Hi George,
Well, I finally have my Apollo back from the WS Mag board tests.
They seemed to like the Apollo, alot!
Since then I've had the board out several times myself, and did a weekend demo with it.
To say the least, IT ROCKS!
One sailor was out in a measured 10 knots of wind yesterday and his GPS said he was doing over 20 knots.
I was out on it today, in < 10 knots (more like 7-9) with a 9.1 Sailworks NX fw and manged to pull away from a lighter sailor on a 10m2 + Ezzy and a Starboard F-147.
On a beam reach the boards were about even.
Upwind and off the wind Apollo (over a Formula board) the Apollo is a bit faster but the nice thing is that it&#39;s so darn easy to sail.
I did NOT say it&#39;s easy at first to get it planing, that takes a bit of figuring out, but once you get the magic combination, the Apollo takes off well before any other recreational board I&#39;ve ever sailed, and in < 12 knots, I think it&#39;s probably the fastest recreational board ever.
George, if you are racing, then your Lab or the F-161 are probably the best tools.
For being the first to plane on Mission Bay, try the Apollo and I think you will be absolutely astonished.
Put a big drafty free race sail on it (not your Pryde double luff) and you will almost for sure be the first to plane. Might be great with the big double luff as well, but I don&#39;t think FW sails are the best tools for
use at the absolute min. planing threshold.
Hope this helps,
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