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Default Hypersonic 105

I hope you can advise me - I can get a Hypersonic 105 for a good price, and I`ve read all the tests and marketing stuff on it on the net that I could find. Although it sounds promising, most windsurfers I`ve spoken to have a good laugh when they see one, and refer to it as a "plakkie" (local word for a hang-ten style pair of open footwear.)
My goals with it would be flat water blasting from 12-20knots, occasionally stronger winds up to 25. I`d also like to use it in the open ocean if I get brave enough, for sailing long distances on those rare on-shore wind days where you can cruise outside the breakers for a very long distance at high speed.
It must be able to get me back to shore in any circumstance : If the wind switches to offshore, or drops or picks up, I`d like to know I can get back to where I started even if I`m a long way off the beach. If I have this kind of faith in a board I would venture out a bit further than at present. Upwind performance is a must, as well as being able to get back in non-planing conditions.
Oh yes, I`m 75kg.
I have a tiny budget and would sail it right now with only a 6,6sqm Gaastra Nitro5 sail, but would look at a bigger sail later on. Any idea on the windrange with this combination ?
I have a Thommen Small Salom and a 4.7 sail for when it`s windy, so I won`t be using the "plakkie" in over 20knots unless I`m caught out in it.

Appreciate any feedback,
Cape Town
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