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Default Objective Testing / Measurements.

Anybody else agree that its high time we used more objectivity in classifying boards/ sails/equipment.
We still seem to have situation where boards and sails just are not the size/specification quoted.
I`m not saying boards aren`t as good as claimed (well they never are from anybody) but it seems our sport is one of the few where we buy something of a particular size/shape/volume and it just isn`t "wehat it says on the can".
This seems to apply to volume of boards; size of sails and even length of boards (go and measure yours!)
Width seems the only thing thats measured accurately.
Max speeds of boards might be more difficult but there are parameters that could be quoted. (Stall speed with various loads) Look at info available for HG. Of course pilot weight and skill influence things but there is still underneath that a lot of objective measurable data just ignored in our sport.
Imagine buying a pair of shoes and the shopkeeper claiming nonesense about apparent size and virtual volume ???? Yes but do they fit ???? Will it float me ???
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