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Default Why no Tufskin Apollo?

Svein, Tiesda and Team:

Why is there no Tufskin Apollo? When the 2007 Website first went live in the fall of 2006, I recall that both Tufskin and Wood constructions were shown on the website. Later the Tufskin disappeared.

I can guess the answer is that the heavier construction to some degree undermines the early planing nature of the board. But for us recreational sailors wanting the best solution for "skunk-proofing" ourselves for earliest planing, a $2299 USD board with a delicate wood construction is not necessarily the best answer.

I am going from F-Types (158, now 148) which I used down to 7.5 (these are fantastic boards, versatile with a broad range), and now want just the earliest planing solution, for 9.5 and up. I will now use another freeride for 8.5 and below. I would love to have the Apollo, but the price and the wood construction are scaring me off. I may go for the FE160. It still has a much wider tail than the F-Type 158, and based on the design premise of the Apollo should thus plane substantially earlier than the F-Type 158. (Am I correct in that assumption?)

I would bet if you offered the Apollo in Tufskin construction, a price slightly above the FE160, you would sell *a lot* more of them!


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