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Default f161&Code:Red R2 trimming-Vojtek, Remi, Jesper

Hi Guys,

Same questions about the F161 and Code:Red like the isonic111. Please help me out to find the right trimming for the board, based on your experience.

I'm 184cm 85kg. Sails are 11,6 11,0 10,0 code:red r2 sails.

1. Footstrap positions? Front or back, which holes is the right from the opportunities?
2. Where is the right mastfoot position? (you talk about the whole mast track or just the active area, without the last appr. 2cm?)
3. From how many knots works better the deb R13 +8 S fin than the R19 +8 S--?
4. What is the different in riding the R13 +6 S fin and the R13 +8 M?
5. What is the right downhaul for the production Code:Reds? The recommended numbers are correct or any sign on the sails to check the loose of the leach?
6. What is the right outhaul for the Code:Reds? (eg in downwind the sail touch the front or back harness strap on the leeward… in upwind the sail touch the boom on the leeward side two span back from the backstrap of the harness…)

To save your time you can write your answers just after the relevant number…

Thanks a lot for your help again,
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