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Default Wait a sececond, does weight matter?

Just watched the DVD "Faster" with Dave White and Peter Hart. Dave White (probably around 275 to 300 pounds) more or less dismisses size as a factor for speed potential. Peter Hart isn't so sure and says that he was sometimes faster than Dave White when Dave was a "normal" size. There's a clip of the two of them racing each other and when a gust hits Dave White takes off (he just leans back and goes) leaving Peter Hart in his spray.

I read an article by Robby Naish where he says he couldn't keep up to the big guys (being the best pros) close to the wind, but could hold his own off the wind.

How big a facter is leverage when racing or looking for ultimate speed? Is weight more important than height or the other way around? Does the combination of being heavy and tall give a distinct advantage if all other things are pretty much equal? It seems to me that most of the top speeds go to the "big" people - www.gpsspeedsailing.com. I am realy just looking for an excuse not to diet!


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