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Default Help with recreational Formula Board choice...

Hey there! I am trying to choose a Formula-style board for light-wind recreational sailing.

I used to have an F-Type 158, loved it, and later went down to an F-Type 148 in hopes to be able to ride it longer as the wind picks up. I have since rebuilt my quiver and have a 142L freeride board I will ride on 8.5 and smaller, and now just want an early-planing light-wind board for use with a 9.5 Retro (and maybe occasionally the 8.5 if that is rigged for the Freeride board and the wind dies off).

Here is what I have it narrowed down to:

1. Starboard Apollo
**Pros: Earliest planing
**Cons: Expensive; more fragile lightweight wood construction; really long fin - tough for shallow water

2. Starboard FE160
**Pros: Inexpensive, durable construction
**Cons: 2006 shape, not as good as 2007 shape? Heavier due to Tufskin
construction and thus not planing as early as comparable wood Formula Board?

3. Go back to F-Type 158 (find used or leftover inventory)
**Pros: Inexpensive, more durable construction than first two; the
easiest and most fun to sail?
**Cons: Maybe the latest planer of the bunch, due to the narrower
tail than the FE160?

Roger has already given some input for me, but I wanted to address the Forum to see if any of you guys had some direct experiences in comparing any of these boards.

Between the Tufskin FE160 (the 2006 design) and F-Type 158 (I would get DRAM), which would plane earlier, with equal fin and sail? Does anyone have direct experience in comparing the two? Any other pros and cons between the two from anyone who has sailed both?

I am tempted to go for the Apollo for earliest possible planing, but it would cost me about twice as much as the other two, and I am a bit worried about the durability of the lightweight wood construction.

Has anyone compared the F-Type 158 or the FE160 to Apollo? I have read here some comparisons of the F160 and F161 to the Apollo, but I am not sure how much the heavier weight of the FE160 affects the early planing performance.

I am 150 pounds or so. Thanks!
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