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Default buying a board

hi, iīm 38 years old, iīve never tried a windsurf board, but i bought an aquasport multiglide 4.1, few months ago. I donīt have no windsurf school near me, so iīve been learning some basics with the multisport, as it as a lot of volume, i never have equilibrium problems, and learned how to gybe up and downwind easily, uphauling, and sailing upwind,normaly i sail in small lakes with winds 5-15 knots

right now, aquaglide is limiting me, so i want to buy a real board, i donīt know what board to buy, i was thinking in a GO155 2009 (550 eur) or an ISonic 125 2006 (400eur),

Do i have to pass through an easier step, like buying a big volume with dagger? such a bic core 293OD?

i weight 73-75 kg..

and usualy sail in small lakes with low wind speeds, 15-20 knots max..

iīm portuguese, sorry for bad english.

thank you
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Hi MC Street,
I took a look at the AquaGlide video.
Are you sailing the AquaGlide as a windsurfer (I.E. standing up and holding the sail) or sitting down with the sail held up by lines and a rudder/tiller on the back?
If you can uphaul, tack and jibe the AquaGlide, you pretty much have the basic sail handling and transition/turning round skills you will need on a regular windsurfing board.
At 73-75 Kg. ( 161-165 lbs.) you do not need a really large board.
180-200 liters would be pretty good.
You do not "HAVE TO" go with a large volume board with a centerboard, but since the AquaGlide was designed with a great deal of upwind bias "built in", if you do not get a board with a centerboard,
the "rig steering" skills you developed on the AquaGlide are not going to work.
You would have to very quickly develop some "railing" skills to keep a regular short board without a centerboard/center fin/daggerboard or you will be blown downwind and become very frustrated.
15-20 knots of wind is not reall "low wind speeds" (I agree with PG in your other post that at your size you would need to start out with a 6.5 m2 sail/rig size)
You will find that a 6.5 m2 rig (even with the lightest and most expensive carbon mast and boom) is going to be a lot more difficult to uphaul, but you will be able to pull it up and sail with it (with the skills
you have already.
A GO 155 would be OK, but a larger GO or a Rio M would be quite a bit easier for you to start out on.
The GO 155 does not have a center board or center fin, so that's going to be pretty difficult right at first.
The Rio M seems to me the be the best overall compromise for you.
It has a retractable centerboard, so you can use your current skills right away with the centerboard down.
then swing the centerboard up and get used to sailing by footsteering/railing (which you cannot do at all on the AquaGlide).
If you get downwinded, then simply put the center board down and sail back upwind.
Hope this helps,
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yes iīm sailing the AquaGlide as a windsurfer standing up and holding the sail without further assistance.. normal windsurfing.

the Go 155 was an buying option, for a used board, in Portugal itīs not easy to find used boards such as Rio, or any wiht a centerboard.

usualy i sail in 2 diferent lakes, one is bigger with 11km wide and stronger winds up to 20 or 25 knots, and a smaller one, about 400 meters wide and winds upt to 10 knots max.. both are dams, with some rocks and gravel, thatīs why i want an used board, probably it will get some damage sometimes..
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The Go is somewhat durable, comes with two stock fins, and some of our first time windsurfers use it as their first board. Its also an early planer, but might tail walk in super high winds (dun worry bout it).

There is only one problem though. The 'Star Board' graphic is on the PORT side...What Gives?!
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