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Default New Board Advice


I'm looking for a little advice about buying my first board.

First off, details about me, I'm about 100kgs (220lbs), 188cm (6'2") tall, fit and strong. I've been taking lessons on the sea, in reasonable chop, can tack, gybe, beach start, deep water beach start about 50/50. I haven't used harness or footstraps yet (hasn't been all that windy lately), and haven't tried waterstarting. The board I used for lessons was 230 litres, with centreboard. I'm going to take a couple of more lessons before purchasing, but I want to start gathering info and researching it now! I windsurf on the sea, in a couple of different places that range from permanently flat to 12-18 inch chop depending on location.

The boards I've been looking at are the Futura, Carve and Go. Not really sure what volume I should be looking at, probably 150-170 territory. Am I being a bit too conservative thinking about 170? Will I outgrow it quickly, or will it always have a use, eg on light wind days?

Sail sizes? I know I'll likely need a few here, am i right to be thinking in the 5.5-7.5 range?

I'm pretty new to all of this, but completely hooked, so any other suggestions of things I should be considering and looking out for when getting my kit together will be very much appreciated,

thanks for any and all comments,
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Hi Hammer

First welcome and continue to take lessons to improve particularly windsurf with harness in footstraps.
If you are very impatient to buy new boards the choice will be around the Rio in L. This one is very easy to improve all the aspect of windsurfing but in my opinion again is more a school board.
With more patients you will get better and can buy a board that you will use for longer before to change.
At this time you came in more planning board like the Go Windsufer if you still need a dagger board or the Carve 171 who will be the most easier planning board for your weight and can enjoy with it for longer.
Hope this help merry chistmass

Can answer if you have any questions on this following boards :

AtomIQ 104, 114, 124, 130, 140 & 160.
Carve 111, 121, 131, 141, 151 & 161
Futura 90, 97, 104, 114, 124, 134, 144 & 154.
iSonic 80, 87, 90, 97, 107, 114, 124 & 134
UltraSonic 147
Formula One
Slalom One
Phantom Race 377 & 377 L / 320
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Phantom 295 L :
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Formula 177
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Some details missing:
- Where are you going to sail (country, region, beach)?
- What sail sizes are other windsurfers using for planing windsurfing at "your" beaches, and how heavy are they typically (when a 75 kg guy is using a 5.7 you will probably need a 7.5)?
- What do you believe is the typical windstrength you will get out in?
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Hi Guys,

thanks for the replies.

I'll mainly be sailing on the east coast of Ireland, but hopefully with regular trips to the west coast (Brandon etc) when I get a bit better (ie water starts nailed). It will really be a case of have board, will travel. Mainly Irish east coast though.

Sailing from beaches, pretty much exclusively, and a full range of wind conditions, from pretty light breeze to full on nuking (again when I get a bit better). Realistically I doubt I'd bother going out in less than 8 knots or so once I've gotten a bit better. RIght now it's fine for practising but I think I'd be more likely to do something else in light air once I've got the basics polished.

thanks again,
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