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Default advanced beginner

Hello everybody!

About me first and my skills... 25 y.o., 95-100 kg, very fit. started windsurfing may/2010, bought my own gear really soon. I own F2 RX 144 l, gaastra matrix 8.0, NP V6 6.5 (4 cambers - love this sail), NS star 5.7. Also have my girlfriends fanatic eagle 114 l wich I did ride once. beachstarted and then couldnt do tack and fall in. took me 15 minutes to start again because I cant waterstart. after 15 minutes i somehow managed to uphaul and come back - it was hell but it was also fun )

I am now selling my F2 board because its a race board and its to hard for me to advance on. the footstraps are out there on the rails and in the water. Managed to get in them only once!! when I ride a freeride board its so easy after my board.

Today I got an offer to buy SB formula 2002 155 liters with 85 cm fin and bag really cheap. so my question is this... would it be ok to buy this formula to have for low wind days wich are very comon in my country (croatia) and to by one freeride board like fanatic shark 135 l to advance and learn on, and have gfs eagle for when feeling brave and stupid

or to forget all this and buy one freeride fanatic shark 150 liters...

would like to say that I advance quickly, have strong willpower and will have a lot of time this sommer ))

please help, looking forward hearing what you guys have to say. I love speed and dont care about wave or tricks, not into that...

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Hi bokirr,

could you write some info about winds on your spot? It's important if you want adequate advice. And what is your skill? Are you tacking, gybing and using harness, straps?


P.S. In my opinion NP V6 has 2 cambers, but I had 2008 model, maybe before V6 was different, but I doubt it was more then 3 cambers
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hi marekk

sorry about the mixup with the sail, I have a V8, and it's an old one...got it for nothing, repared mast pocket for 20 $ and it's like new

I'm tacking ok, not so good in high winds 20+ knt... harness skill is very good, just replaced my waist harness with a seat harness, control is much better.
gybing only none planing and then I lose a lot of upwind...
straps only few times...

winds on my spot..hm... well, there can be from 0-35 knt, but in summer it's about 5-15...
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5-15 knots it's perfect range for formula board. But learning gybing is a little difficult on formula. Another problem is planing with straps, because they are in extremely outboard position. And third problem - you will need bigger (about 9,5 m) freerace sail to start sailing on formula board. If you choose this option, after improving your skills, you'll need 11-12 m pure race sail.

I suppose that better way for fast improving your skills is to buy big freeride/freerace board, for instance Starboard Futura 155 or Go 155, unluckily they are not offered now. These are very early planing boards (but far later than Formula) and easy to progressing. Of course you need minimum 9,5 freerace sail for light wind days.

In my opinion Shark is good board for begginers, but start planing on it in light wind is rather difficult. If you want pure freeride board, choose for instance Starboard Carve, JP X-Cite Ride or similar. Sailing on chop/small waves will be a little easier than on Futura, but you need another 2 knots to start planing (compared to Futura).

I hope it help, altough I'm not member of the Team...

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Hello bokirr, and Marek,
The Formula 155 might not be a bad choice, but as Marek suggests your 8.0m2 sail is not going
be large enough to get you planing on a board as small as the F155 in < maybe 12-14 knots of
Here are the Specifications on the 2000 Formula 155:
width: 85 cm
tail: 62 cm
length: 270 cm
weight: (wood) 8.0 kg +-5%
weight: (D-RAM) 8.9 kg +-5%
volume: 155 liters
fin size: 58 cm
Fin box: Deep Tuttle
sail size: 2.5-11.5 m2
I sailed them in 1999 and 2000 and at the time they were great, but the
larger wider Formula 175 with the 65 cm fin (unheard of at the time) was
much better for larger sailors > 75-80 Kg.
You can find alot of boards that are > 85 cm wide that would be far better
for you to learn on.
The F-155 would be considered somewhat fragile, even in the D-Ram
construction (I had all wood back in those days.
Looking at the 2011 line up, the GO 171 would be as wide as the F-155.
Look for something wider and maybe a little more volume like the F-175
or F-186 if you are set of getting a formula board.
Also look for F-Type 148 or 158.
Or as Marek suggests, look for an 155 Futura. I had one of those and it was
very easy to sail and pretty good early planing.
I sort of disagree with Marek on learning to jibe a Formula board.
It's not significantly harder, but it is done somewhat differently than
on a free ride board.
Hope this helps,
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marekk I agree with you that it would be hard to get in the straps on a formula, that's the problem I have with this race board that I have now.

that's why I thought about getting a 135 l freeride board also for learning and a formula for those super light wind days...

hm...you say futura 155...I can see why it would be ok, but what about those 20+ knt days?? In this year I think I can progress to an intermidiate (easy in straps, etc...) I don't want to restrict myself only on light wind. or do you think it would be ok for me to go on a high wind day with futura 155? remember, I uphauld on a 114 l board, wich sank to my knees, for a begineer thats not so bad I think. I have a huge desire to became a good surfer, I just don't want to make the same mistake like a did with the F2 board.

roger, thank you for your replay, you also make good point like marekk.
as for formula 2002, I got the pictures this night and it's an old shape. I thought it's like this new ones, 1 m wide and short, but that's a huge board, wich is just 5 cm wider than my current board... so I'm not buying that one. thanks for the specs, couldn't find them on the web...
when did they start with this newer shape (1m wide), 2003 maybe?

and about the sails...yeah, sure I would need a bigger sail for formula, and if I buy a formula I will buy a sail also. It's not going to be new or very good but I'll find something

so, the dilema is...

1)do I buy one board wich I can use in all conditions and on wich I can advance - that means, be able to uphaul on it, get in to straps easely, and also ride it on a high wind ( obviously I will lose in low wind range and to compesate this buy a 9-9.5 sail) - I think, and please correct me if I'm wrong beacause this is where I need you guys to help me, that this board would some freeride 145 l board, yes??

2)buy a 135 l freeride on wich I can also uphaul easely but is a bit narrow and would be a little more unstable (my opinion stable enough), and progress on it (or you think it would be to hard?), but this board would give me a little bit more on those high wind days... And buy an old formula gear to use on light wind days and learn, practise, have trouble, getting tired beacuse of the big sails, etc... - but still I just might learn

so many options... uh...
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beginner, formula, starboard

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