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Default What am I doing wrong ?

Yesterday I was out windsurfing. The wind increased all the time ( 3 hours), so I was overpowered most of the time. I shifted sail and board several times, but was always on too big equipment.
I ended up with 5.3 on a 104 l board (new wide/short board) in 30-35 kts wind.

Being overpowered, I had a problem getting going even though there was a lot of wind. The board was "pointing" too much upwind, and it was a problem to let the board go a little downwind so I could get planning. The same problem when I finally got planning. The board would go upwind all the time, so I had to work hard to keep the board going a little downwind. That meant I was on the egde all the time, leaning a little forward, close to a catapult !
The 5.3 sail was powered up, and got "backwinded" somtimes, so I had to push with my aft hand.

So what was I doing wrong ?

Was it all because off being on too big equipment ?
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The sail gets backwinded because you enter a quieter area and your apparent wind changes direction suddenly. What you describe happens quite often when sailing overpowered (5.3 on a 104 l board in 30-35 kts deserves some respect). I would try a smaller fin and mast track forward a little bit. This should help you going downwind. In such circumstances I tend to get closer to the boom. This gives me this same feeling of being on the edge, which BTW is pretty exciting.
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The board is too big unless you are built like Dunkerbeck
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The boards too big and the sail's too big. The sail is getting blown out of shape forcing you to sail defensively. By defensively I mean too much back foot pressure sending the board's nose upwind. Very common problem with first time sailors on sinky boards.

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Well obviously board and sail were too big and there's little you can do against that. However a few tricks may help you surviving and save the day. Smaller fin, lower boom and/or longer lines to "seat" more in the harness, max downhaul, more outhaul but not to the point where the sail becomes unstable... Mast track forward sounds a bit counter-intuitive but it will remove some pressure from the fin. Along with lower boom it will shift your bodyweight towards the front strap, help you pushing the board downwind. Longer lines keep you away from the boom but you may not like this stance. Try a few combinations. If none of them works then it's time to go home and have a beer.

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Yea Farlo, the last sentence is the best before trying a 75 liter wave board and 4,7 sail in 35 knots.
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Sailing overpowered
A few tips that work for me

A) Downhaul sail fully. (Until battens are just pulled off mast without outhaul) Then outhaul to limit.

B) Use smallest fin you have got.

C) Move harness lines back to absolute limit.

D) Boom shoulder height.

E) Mast track to front. (This is contentious;most folk go to back with smaller sails but forward helps keep nose down and help bear away )

F) Straps well inboard and forward (aids control)

G) When sailing dont rush into it. Go upwind to slow down. If really overpowered dont try to gybe. Drop in and water tack.

You didn`t mention weight but I weigh 103k and in 35 knots would be on at most 4.5 and on 95 litres.

We all get overpowered;its part of the learning porocesss. If wind is building I often drop down 2 sail sizes.
If its building just wait a bit !

Good luck.
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