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Unhappy Noise from my Hwr's finbox while sailing

When I'm sailing I hear a cracking/clicking noise from the finbox om my formula hwr. It seems to appear when I'm really powered up and pushing the fin. I've tried 3 different fin and screws but all with the same result. These noise was not there from the beginning and I don't know what to do?
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That is the fin base. I should not worry about it unless you see any damage arround the box area of your board.
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How does your fin fit into the fin box?
Is it a nice snug push fit on the sides of the fin root all the way down into the box, until the
front and rear tapers engage and stop it from going down/in any further?
If you install the fin and strap the board down, do you get this noise if you push sideways on the
fin out near the tip?
How about if you push it forward and back?
Any looseness in either the sideways or fore and aft directions would seem to indicate that the fin
root does not fit in the box correctly.
Have you taken a flashlight and looked down into the finbox.
Sometimes there is a little excess material (a lump of it) that is in the fin box to get the stock fin to fit in the front and rear tapers at the correct height so the root is flush with the bottom of your board.
How tight are you tightening the screws?
If the fin fits correctly, the fin will go down into the box until is is about 1/32" proud of the bottom of the board/finbox.
The screws will draw it into the finbox that extra 1/32" without a lot of torque on the screws. Just one hand screwdriver tight should be more than adequate to seat the fin on the front and rear tapers.
Hope this helps,
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