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Default i sonic

I am looking for a board with a wide wind range in the 7.5 - 9.5 m range.

I would like something fast, good in powered up conditions, would you recomment the i sonic 125 or the s type 137.

Which woud handle chop best.

I am 110 KG advanced intermediate.
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Ian Fox
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Default RE: i sonic

Hi JK,

The STypes definitely will hand the chop "easier" when push comes to shove, however the ST137 will not really be so ideal with a 110Kg rider and 9.5m sail combo. With 110Kg on ST137, the sweetspot starts to end around 8.5m, but below that (sail size) would be a good hi wind/rough water blaster.

If you want to emphasize more sail area capacity plus boost the early planing with a slightly more efficent (not usually such a bad thing with bigger guys, except in extreme chop) then the iS125 will be a better solution than the ST137, albeit with a slightly more "technical" or "comitted" ride/character in choppier conditions (but not prohibitively technical, at all, especially if you are only considering sail[wind/conditions] range in 7.5m thru 9.5m/110Kg range])

If you've any further questions or need more info, please let us know.

Cheers ~ Ian
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